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Endowments and Legacy Gifts


Ruthmere maintains several endowment funds with the Community Foundation of Elkhart County (CFEC) -- the Ruthmere Forever Experience Fund, the Ruthmere Museum Fund, the Havilah Beardsley House Fund, the Ruthmere Staffing Support Fund, and the Ruthmere Properties Support Fund. These funds are held and maintained by the CFEC for the benefit of Ruthmere operations. 

Leverage and Impact - Contributions made into these funds receive a 25% match up to a maximum of $25,000 per fund each year. Therefore, your gift is immediately leveraged for maximum impact to build this fund over time. Gifts to these endowed funds may be made in smaller donations over time, or in large lump sums such as with estate plan gifts discussed below. Minimum contributions to each of these funds is $100. Donors must make these gifts payable directly to the CFEC and designate which of the Ruthmere funds you wish your gift to support.

Security and Sustainability - The CFEC offers maximum security to the donations made into these funds. First, CFEC manages these funds as part of its entire investment portfolio which means that the very best investment strategies are being used to maximize the growth and stability of these assets. Second, the CFEC limits the maximum annual distribution to the fund recipient (typically about 5%), so you know as a donor that there are safeguards restraining any rapid depletion of these funds. Finally, in the unlikely event that the fund recipient no longer operates within the mission and purpose of the original intention of the fund, you may select a second choice or third choice endowed fund within the holdings of the CFEC to be a backup recipient for your gifts.

Legacy Gifts

Legacy gifts are a beautiful way to keep Ruthmere and its programs strong for future generations. By naming one of Ruthmere's endowment funds in your estate plans, you will ensure that these properties are not only historically preserved as the jewels of Elkhart, but also that the educational outreach programs offered through these facilities enriches the lives of school children, their families, out of town visitors--everyone who comes to Ruthmere Campus now and in the future.

For more information on making legacy gift or any sustaining contribution into the Ruthmere Endowed Funds, please contact Executive Director Bill Firstenberger at 574-264-0330 ext. 105.



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