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See You in the Funny Papers: Iconic Cartoons and Comics

At the Havilah Beardsley House, July 1st - September 30th, 2022

“See You in the Funny Papers": a phrase that began to grace the American lexicon around the 1920s and served as a reminder that life can often be just as amusing and whimsical as the Sunday comics.

That's what Ruthmere's summer exhibit is all about - the comics we grew up with, the characters that shaped our outlook on life, and the jokes that had the singular knack for bringing out a smile. Through multiple components loaned from various museums, we will be exploring comics known on both local and national levels and offering amusing doses of nostalgia for visitors of all ages.

Funny Papers will include a traveling exhibit from the Charles M. Schulz Museum called Pigskin Peanuts, featuring delightfully nostalgic "Peanuts" comics about one of America's favorite pastimes: football. From July 1st -July 28th only, the exhibit will also include Pencils to Pixels: Hoosier Cartoons and Comics, another exhibit loan from the Indiana Historical Society

Other exhibit components promise to make Funny Papers an unforgettable walk down memory lane. Some of these include: “Garfield,” “Tumbleweeds,” and “Roger Bean” memorabilia from Minnetrista in Muncie, IN; “Brenda Starr” comics from the Porter County Museum in Valparaiso, IN; animation cels and original artwork from the Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum in Elkhart; and materials of local comic artists, such as Max Gwin and Bill Holman, from the Nappenee Public Library in Nappanee, IN.

This exhibit is made possible through the generous sponsorship of Steve & Julie Bachman, 1st Source Bank, and Gibson Insurance.

Stop by the Havilah Beardsley House between July 1st and September 30th to visit

See You in the Funny Papers: Iconic Cartoons and Comics!


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