Ruthmere Perimeter Wall Restoration Project

You may have heard that Ruthmere’s Historic Perimeter Wall is getting a facelift. The perimeter wall is being restored in 2017 and we need your support! Watch the video above and share with friends and family. Learn how you can get free tickets to Ruthmere's Drive-In Fridays, attend the Adopt-A-Pom Party, and more at Another Brick in the Wall!

UPDATE MAY 5, 2017 -- Historic preservation is a process, and every once in a while you get a curve ball thrown at you. The original estimate for the total cost of the perimeter wall restoration was set conservatively at $34,000 by an extremely reliable contractor with whom Ruthmere has over 25 years of experience. The list of work included repair of the two iron gates facing Beardsley Ave., moss and lichen removal, fixing cracks in the walls and the brick, and straightening one of the pillars near the front gate which was leaning severely. However, as work began on the project, unforeseen BIG issues were revealed. Extensive water and ice damage INSIDE the walls and columns inaccessible for observation prior to restoration was discovered that has required a significant revision of the complete project cost which now stands at $59,000. This new estimate includes a 25% discount in services from the masonry contractor who is absorbing a shared loss due to the low initial estimate.

A RAY OF SUNSHINE -- On the heels of that sobering news, there is a gleaming ray of hope. The entire south wall facing Beardsley Avenue (the most complicated portion of the project by far) is complete! Please take a close look the next time you pass Ruthmere.  The work is stunning and presents the public with the appropriate first impression of our "Jewel of Indiana" which was our original intent. This south wall alone has taken nearly the entire $34,000 original project budget to complete. The vision of success is there at our front gate. One very challenging wall is done, and three much less complicated walls remain.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT MORE THAN EVER -- We have re-doubled our efforts to uncover additional grant funding sources. The proceeds of the Adopt a Pom Party for Preservation on August 10 (which in past years has netted an average of $11,000) will go toward the wall project as will proceeds from the Pillars of Elkhart Toga Party on August 12.  We hope you will support this project by attending one or both of these fun summer events open to the general public.

Thus far Ruthmere has acquired a $17,000 community investment grant from the Community Foundation of Elkhart County, $1,000 from the Corson Family Foundation, and additional gifts of $2,959 thanks to the generosity of Ruthmere members and visitors. With our new better informed estimate for project completion of $59,000, we now need $38,041 to complete the restoration. Work on the perimeter wall project has been temporarily suspended until additional funding can be secured.

We are turning to the community for support. To donate to the Perimeter Wall Project call 574-264-0330 ext 105 or go to Another Brick in the Wall. Thank you for your support of historic preservation in Elkhart.



302 E. Beardsley Ave.

Elkhart, IN 46514

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