Gallery Talks

Ruthmere presents Gallery Talks the first Thursday of each month at 11am. Gallery Talks feature a twenty-minute discussion on an object/artwork within the Ruthmere collection or a person or event in local history. Gallery Talks are free and open to the public. 


April 6 -           Gallery Talk 11am - Baccarat Crystal -Mark Doddington, Membership Coordinator -Havilah Beardsley House

May 7-              Gallery Talk 11am - Miles Laboratory -Steve Barton, Docent -Ruthmere

June 5-             Gallery Talk 11am - Vintage Wedding Dresses -Joy Olsen, Collections Manager -Ruthmere                                               

July 2-              Gallery Talk 11am - Hoosier School of Art -Randy Roberts, Assistant Curator at Midwest Museum of American Art                                                                  -Ruthmere 

August 2-          Gallery Talk 11am - Fashions of the Victoran Era, Cathy Ellsworth, Docent -Ruthmere

September 7-   Gallery Talk 11am - TBA

October 2-         Gallery Talk 11am - Family Genealogy -Martin Mullins, Family History Consultant -Havilah Beardsley House

November 7-     Gallery Talk 11am - Hudson Valley School --Randy Roberts, Assistant Curator at Midwest Museum of American                                                                      Art -Ruthmere 

December 6-     Gallery Talk 11am -Bonneyville Mill -Courtney Franke, Interpreter -Havilah Beardsley House



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Elkhart, IN 46514

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