Gallery Talks

Ruthmere presents Gallery Talks the first week of each month.  The day of the week often changes to provide maximum opportunity for the public to attend, and start time is always 11am. Gallery Talks feature a twenty-minute discussion on an object/artwork within the Ruthmere collection or a person or event in local history. Gallery Talks are free and open to the public courtesy to the generous support of 1st Source Bank.

This year, Ruthmere is proud to participate in Elkhart County's WE VOTE 2020 initiative - a collaboration of organizations in Elkhart celebrating of the 100-year anniversary of the 19th Amendment, or women's right to vote! As part of Ruthmere's role in this initiative, ALL ELEVEN of our 2020 gallery talks will focus on some aspect of women’s history or historical achievements by women. 


February 4        Gallery Talk 11am - "The Lost Profile" portrait by William Morris Hunt -- Andrea Barbour, Outreach Curator                                                                           -Ruthmere

March 4              Gallery Talk 11am -Susan Ray Beardsley --Jennifer Johns, Curator -Havilah Beardsley House

April 9              POSTPONED -Gallery Talk 11am  -Imps & Hummingbirds -Daisy Makeig-Jones at Wedgwood --George Freese, 

May 8      POSTPONED -Gallery Talk 11am - Rachel Beardsley --Cindy Neer, Docent 

June 6                 POSTPONED -Gallery Talk 11am -All-American Girls Professional Baseball League --Kristi Kuntzman, Registrar                                                             at The History Museum -Havilah Beardsley House

July 7                  Gallery Talk 11am -Gallery Talk 11am - Rachel Beardsley --Cindy Neer, Docent 

August 5      Gallery Talk 11am -Hoosier Women Artists --Randy Roberts, Assistant Curator at Midwest Museum of American                                                                     Art -Ruthmere

September 3     Gallery Talk 11am - Rhetoric and Reality: A Century of Votes for Women --Christina Wolbrecht, Professor of                                                                            Political Science, University of Notre Dame -Ruthmere

October 2          Gallery Talk 11am -Quilts and Their Secrets --Karen Nicholson, Docent -Ruthmere

November 4     Gallery Talk 11am -Elizabeth Beardsley --Joy Olsen, Collections Manager & Andrea Barbour, Outreach Curator                                                                       -Ruthmere

December 2      Gallery Talk 11am -The Women of Tiffany Studios--Marty Weber, Ruthmere Docent

Previous Gallery Talks

July 7th, 2020 -

"Rachel Beardsley"

with Cindy Neer, Docent

August 5th, 2020 - "Hoosier Women Artists"

with Randy Roberts, Assistant Curator at the Midwest Museum of American Art

September 3rd, 2020 - "Rhetoric & Reality: A Century of Votes for Women" 

with Christina Wolbrecht, Professor of Political Science, University of Notre Dame

October 2nd, 2020 -

"Quilts and Their Secrets"

with Karen Nicholson,

Ruthmere Docent



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